15 April 2011

Prince William no wants the PRECIOUS!!!

The NY Times looks at the brouhaha over Prince William's decision not to wear a wedding band.

For all the chatter about Prince William’s decision (palace officials reportedly said that he has never worn jewelry), double ring ceremonies are a relatively recent phenomenon. At the end of the Great Depression, only 15 percent of marriages were double ring ceremonies, said Katherine Jellison, a history professor at Ohio University and the author of “It’s Our Day: America’s Love Affair With the White Wedding, 1945-2005.” After World War II, she said, the number rose to 80 percent. This explosion was fueled, Dr. Jellison said, by postwar prosperity that allowed couples to afford three rings: an engagement ring, and two wedding bands.
Huh. Who knew? I guess it's one of those deals when a tradition is so culturally prevalent that you assume what's done now is what's always been done. I remember being surprised to learn that the prevalence of diamonds in engagement rings is a relatively recent development.

Aspects of Emily's and my wedding were definitely nontraditional (but damn if that all polka dance wasn't fun!), so I wholeheartedly believe everyone should make their weddings their own. That being said, I can't tell you how many times I pay conscious attention to my wedding band -- at least a couple times a week -- and am overwhelmed with such a sense of inner-peace and happiness. Just some food for thought, Will.


  1. Very intriguing. As a child, I was always angry that my birthstone was a diamond, jealous of people who got rubies and peridot and opals.

    I imagine that Prince William is not quite the romantic that you are - he's probably not prone to moments of warm fuzziness. Too bad for him.

  2. I don't ever wear jewelry except for earrings. But I think that if and when I get married, I'll actually want to wear a wedding ring, because it's not just there to be pretty. To each his own, though.