11 April 2011

Good ole young adult post-apocalyptic dystopian fiction

Suzanne Collins, author of the The Hunger Games trilogy, is featured in the most recent NY Times Magazine. If you haven't read the trilogy, you should. I never thought I would get into young adult post-apocalyptic dystopian fiction -- and occasionally the prose and storytelling clunk -- but overall, the series is amazing.

A succinct description of the trilogy from the Times article:

The books juxtapose the futuristic fantasy of a gleaming, high-tech capital and early-industrial life in the 12 half-starved districts it controls. In a ritual known as the Reaping, two adolescents from each of these oppressed districts are selected at random to participate in the Hunger Games, an annual televised match in which children battle one another and mutated beasts to the death, like Roman gladiators in a glitzy reality-TV contest. The trilogy’s heroine, Katniss, 16 years old when the series begins, has the tough-girl angst of an S.E. Hinton teenager and is too focused on survival to spend much time on familiar Y.A. preoccupations like cliques and crushes. On the very first page, she stares at the family’s pet cat, recalling, matter-of-factly, her aborted attempt to “drown him in a bucket.” By the last book, she is leading a revolution.


  1. That's really interesting. I've seen those books a million times, but I never knew what they were about. (By the way, I'm Leta's friend Becky. She recommended your blog to me. You post some great stuff!)

  2. The books are wonderful. Again, not the richest prose, but the story and characters are engrossing. (And thanks for visiting and for the kind words!)