18 March 2011

Maxim: monkeys are hilarious

What happens when the two-year prohibition of vehicles in the Longleat Safari Park in England ends and a car is left unattended in the monkey area?

Hilarity, that's what.

My favorite part comes at the 1:18 mark. Oh, those monkeys.


  1. I dunno ... I think monkeys and apes are pretty scary. It's too easy to picture - can't you just see a horde of monkeys pulling, not tshirts, but entrails out of, not suitcases, but people? Monkeys are creepy.

    It's only cute because of the music. Take the same video and put it to Tubular Bells or something. Then the true, gruesome nature of the video will be revealed!

  2. I think you've watched the movie Congo too many times.

  3. This video is so f-ing hilarious.