10 March 2011

The longest winter of all time

Not really. But it feels like it. According to Paul Douglas, the Twin Cities area is -- this very day! -- heading into its 119th consecutive day with 1 inch or more of snow cover. For those of you who like to know such things, the record is 136 days, set back in 1965. Ugh.

For more on this story, we now turn to The Onion:

Saying there are only a few days left to relish the steel-gray skies, dirt-caked melting snow, and still-freezing temperatures, citizens across the country are reportedly taking the time to savor every last moment of 2011's late-February, early-March days. "It's my favorite time of year," said 42-year-old Cleveland resident Meredith Polonsky, adding that she loves stepping outside and smelling the thawing dog shit nobody bothered to pick up during the winter, as well as going to the park, avoiding all the places where the ground is too wet, and going home early because the high winds make her eyes hurt. "Also, I love that the days are getting longer, but still aren't long enough to actually do anything. It's really magical."

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