13 October 2010

No wedding is complete without a pirate abduction

Having gotten nuptialized myself just a week and a half ago, perhaps I still have weddings on the brain, but this wedding notice from the NY Times is one of the most interesting I've ever come across.

Here's a taste of Allie and Chris's wedding:

She envisioned their wedding, which was held on Sept. 18 on Governors Island, as a public art project. On the ferry ride over to the event, she was accompanied by an array of guests in suits, dresses, shorts and pirate outfits.

More pirates and a cavalcade of bicycles in a palette of colors awaited her on shore, which she viewed from the back of a white pedicab.

...After everyone settled in, Bill Talen, a performance artist known as Reverend Billy who says he is the minister of something called the Church of Life After Shopping, performed the ceremony with the Statue of Liberty rising behind them.

...A bit of street theater then unfolded when some of the pirates — members of Time’s Up who were also getting an early start on International Talk Like a Pirate Day — pretended to abduct Ms. Compton until Mr. Ryan won her release in a battle with fake swords. Then there was a Critical Mass bike ride around the island.
I knew Emily and I were missing something! A pirate abduction!

Oh well, congrats to Allie and Chris for getting hitched and sticking it to the Man.

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