19 October 2010

JK Rowling's plot spreadsheet

If you like to write or like Harry Potter, I think you'll dig checking out JK Rowling's plot spreadsheet for part of Order of the Phoenix (click on the image to make it all biggy-biggy):

(via famulan)


  1. I just found your blog by hitting the "next blog" button on someone else's blog because they were trying to be a bit of a smarta$$, but I have to say, you're an entertaining read.

  2. Hey, I'm that smarta$$...I'm glad MJenks found you, because now I did, too. Love the dancing vid.

  3. I do quite like Rowling. I'm relieved to see that some writers actually plot out each minute detail before they write.

    My favorite author writes novels on the fly without a clear idea of where it's going (though his stories are so seamless they seem like they must have been premeditated).

    I tend to fall into the former camp. I get nervous about writing without knowing exactly what's going to be in the story when I start.