23 September 2010

B is for Bouncing Boobies

With our nation's children still reeling from the traumatic fraction-of-a-microsecond, kinda-sorta viewing of Janet Jackson's boob in 2004, a near disaster has been averted on Sesame Street. Everyone's favorite wholesome starlet Katy Perry -- who can, apparently, wear only bright-colored latex or bras that shoot whip cream from the nipples -- filmed a guest appearance for Sesame Street. The video was leaked, parents raised hell about Perry's cleavage, and now Sesame Street is pulling the clip from its scheduled airing later this fall.

I would like to point out that Elmo is completely naked in the entire thing.

Here's some moral corruption for you, courtesy of the Children's Television Workshop:


  1. My cousin babysits for a baby during the day. His name is Joe, and he's about a year old. He has a penchant for grabbing ladies' chestal regions. He even pulls down the neckline of their shirts so he can peer inside in order to locate his targets.

    I told him it was a habit he'd have to kick before long.

  2. boobs are bad! protect the children from the boobs!