15 June 2010

Mr. Greene goes to Washington

Well, it's unlikely Alvin Greene will win in the general election, and he's not exactly an inspiring figure. Even if you aren't into politics, you should check out the bizarre goings-on in the South Carolina Democratic primary for US Senate.

In the race for United States Senate, political unknown Alvin M. Greene had walloped challenger Vic Rawl.

Around the state, Democratic activists were facing the smacking electoral truth that a non-campaigning, unemployed, black, country-living, coo-coo-for-Cocoa-Puffs nobody who’d been kicked out of the Army and was currently facing federal sex charges had just beaten — in the Democratic primary, and by 17 percentage points — a well-known former legislator, judge and current Charleston County councilman who’d raised a quarter of a million bucks for the race and for months been campaigning his ass off.
"Walloped" is right. Greene beat Rawl by 16 percentage points. There are several theories to explain the results, including GOP espionage, racial preference, and ballot tampering/malfunctions. Oh, democracy.

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