21 July 2009

Meet the GOP grassroots

It's not uncommon for congressmen and congresswomen to have town hall meetings in their districts to discuss important issues with their constituents. The people who show up to these meetings tend to be disproportionately favorable to the official, so these events are less balanced civic summits and more ideological rallies making fun of "the other guys." And I level this as a bipartisan criticism.

Anywho, I bring this up because of footage from a town hall meeting hosted by Republican Congressman Mike Castle of Delaware. Rep. Castle is considered a fairly moderate dude, which pisses off the GOP base to no end.

And why not?!?! Members of Congress are focusing on issues like healthcare, energy, and the economy, and all the while an African -- named Barack Hussein Obama no less -- has been allowed to assume the Presidency!!!

Trust me, I know the Dems have their fair share of crazy, but seriously, step one in GOP recovery should probably start with adding a critical mass of sensibility to the party's base.

Remember some of the rants from the McCain-Palin rallies....

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