17 June 2009

Kitty family

I have looked into the future for Emily, Henry, and myself.

And it ain't pretty:
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15 June 2009

A new wiping sensation

And from the Poopy Press this morning, the Comfort Wipe is the cleansing sensation that's wiping the nation!

Really, I don't see how this product improves anyone's bathroom experience. Apparently, though, one of the disadvantages of being a "big guy" is not being able to wipe properly. Screw losing weight and getting healthier -- here's a wand that let's you keep eating and pooping to your heart's content! Speaking of heart's content, the 50-something woman seems just a wee bit too excited for this wiping innovation.

In other poop news, I received this email this morning. Twitter really is the great networking tool of the 21st Century!

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09 June 2009

My name is Tanner, and I'm a chipaholic

I love chips. I've been known, particularly in my middle school days, to eat a whole bag of potato chips in one sitting. And to this day, I have to limit my proximity to those salty delicious little crisps. And don't even mention moderation. To a chipaholic like me, there's no such thing as just one chip.

And so it is that I am downright giddy about a new marketing campaign from Kettle Foods, called Create-A-Chip. For $15, you get a box of plain chips and various flavorings and presto---wham-o---sham-bam, you get to create your own chip flavors. Submit your recipes to Kettle, and one of them might get mass-produced for legions of obese Americans!

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