28 April 2009

Evil fetus detecting machine

Surfing the intertubes, I came across two videos with opposing videos on abortion. Neither is particularly thoughtful or productive, but both are emotionally provocative and indicative of why the discussion on abortion in America doesn't really go anywhere except in circles.

From the folks at CatholicVote.org, a group dedicated to winning over undecideds to the pro-life camp:

And then a response from YouTube user artvandelay4heyhey:

I actually think Osama bin Laden had a step-father, but that's beside the point, which is...we need to invent an evil fetus detecting machine! Continue reading this post >>

27 April 2009


I love Catholic humor. From the Tribeca Film Festival:
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14 April 2009

Create your own NPR name

Lianablog shows us how to do it:
You take your middle initial and insert it somewhere into your first name. Then you add on the smallest foreign town you’ve ever visited.
That makes me Tannjer Rhossili.

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11 April 2009

Polar bears attack

To be fair, the woman had a bottle of coca-cola in her back pocket:
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Eyebrow genetics

I'm in Dunn Bros, and I just saw this guy with intensely thick eyebrows. That dude's thick eyebrows make him look weird, I thought.

Then this guy's little daughter, probably 4 or 5 years old, comes romping around. She's a cute little kid, but then I notice...she has her father's eyebrows. Thick and bushy -- each brow reaching out, longing to unite with the other.

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10 April 2009

Tanner Curl School of Dance

I taught this kid everything he knows about dance....
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Of pets

I don't remember how it came up, but the other night, Emily asked, "If someone offered you a $1 million to get rid of Henry, would you take it?"

I still don't know my answer.

There are a number of ways a million bucks would come in handy...paying off student loans or funding graduate studies come to mind. But I think of Henry like...a child. He's a little person with a personality and opinions (typically centered around his undying love for mouse tail-like objects) and feelings.

When I actually think about how I've come to look at Henry as a person, it makes me uncomfortable. It's not how I was raised. On the farm, pets were never allowed inside the house, and at some point, my parents confessed to drowning baby kittens and puppies before my siblings and I found out about them. On the Curl farm, animals didn't equal humans.

Henry is my first actual pet, and even though I know that he's incapable of such complex human emotions, I feel like he loves Emily and me. I feel like if he was given the choice between us and anyone else in the world, he'd pick us right away.

I suppose this anthropomorphizing isn't particularly dangerous, unless it turns into this:

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09 April 2009

Billy Bob Thornton is F-ing nuts

Not that we needed a lot more proof, but it turns out that Billy Bob Thornton is fucking nuts. And a dick:

Remember when Billy Bob was with Angelina Jolie, and they were so into each other that they carried around vials of each other's blood? Yeah. Fucking nuts.

If you want a reminder of their freaky love and an example of Billy Bob's singing abilities, check this out. (They disabled embedding capabilities on this video...I wonder why.) Continue reading this post >>

Everyone Poops: the Movie

If you're looking forward to Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are, then you'll really want to see this:

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