21 March 2009

I'm back...with Andy Rooney

Well, I guess I haven't been feeling very bloggy the last couple weeks, but as it turns out, I've just spent the last hour watching Andy Rooney segments on YouTube, and as luck would have it, he has served as a laxative to my blogging constipation.

I've never been very good at impersonations, but one I think I do pretty well is Andy Rooney. That probably owes more to Rooney's craziness than my talent. Some people like to call Andy Rooney a curmudgeon, but I think crazy and confused are better suited to ole Andy's demeanor. On the face of his little segment at the end of 60 Minutes, Rooney is to serve as an old guy dispensing common-sense advice to an increasingly directionless society:

In reality, Andy serves the public by showing us what it's like to become 90-years-old...and insane. Like Brooks from The Shawshank Redemption, Rooney thinks the world has gotten itself in one big damn hurry. Even when it comes to kitchen utensils:

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