16 February 2009

Plug: Listening Lounge on KFAI

Emily produced a wonderful short piece for KFAI's Listening Lounge this past spring, and now she's stepping up her involvement. My bias aside, I've been impressed when I've listened to the show. And now my bias front-and-center, Emily is getting more involved in the production of it.

The Listening Lounge airs every Monday night from 7 - 7:30 p.m. For those of you in the Twin Cities, catch it on 90.3 FM in the west metro and 106.7 FM in the east metro. Or anyone can listen to KFAI's live stream by going to the 'Listen Now' link on the left-hand side of their website.

Here is tonight's program:

“Lynching’s End?: the Great 1930 Texas Courthouse Race Riot” is the story of one of the last incident’s of the so-called “race riot era.” Thousands of white men, women and children besieged, burned, dynamited, torched and destroyed the Grayson County Courthouse in Texas to get at a confessed black rapist on trial inside. The mob drove off Texas Rangers and National Guards, then went on to terrorize the town of Sherman's black community and torch the black business district. African-Americans, scholars and citizens alike still struggle to understand why it happened. But one immediate result was the formation of the pivotal Association of Southern [White] Women for the Prevention of Lynching.

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