02 February 2009

A new name

It's been almost a month since I started this little experiment. And I've been thinking: it's kind of lame that the title of the blog is just my name.

But I'm having trouble thinking of the awesomest, attention-grabbing-est, cleverest, deepest-meaningest title.

Any ideas?


  1. i know this isn't helpful, but i had a dream the other night that you took my suggestion and named your blog "the flea-catcher" or "the flea dog" or something to do with fleas. i can't remember exactly, but we both thought it was incredibly clever and hilarious.

    please don't name your blog the flea catcher. i think nameing after yourself is okay. or there's always "paralax."

  2. Betsy, I wonder what in your subconscious triggered fleas? It's not entirely off, though. I write about the little things in my life and going on in the intertubes.

    I sort of feel like naming the blog after myself is self-promotion, which I wouldn't mind doing if I had anything to promote. This blog is more self-exploration (and not in the dirty way). I've been trying to think of some short phrase from something I like, but nothing has come to mind.

  3. You kind of have a literary name to begin with. "Tanner" - Invokes the image of the leather with which books are historically bound.
    "Curl" - What the pages of an oft perused book will do over time.