05 January 2009

Winning and losing

I imagine that if I were running for US Senate, had spent millions of dollars (none if it was mine!), and felt that there was a 20% chance I might win if I continue my bid for a few more weeks and spend a few more million dollars (again, not mine!), I'd be pretty damn tempted to continue as well.


At this point, aren't both sides simply convinced they've won, regardless what the actual, you know, votes say?

Oh, and here's a preview of the news story when we actually know who will serve in the Senate: (Insert name of winner) was sworn in as US Senator from Minnesota today, following (Insert number) months of a contentious recount and legal battle. Sen. (Insert name of winner) thanked his supporters for their perseverance, praised the election process in Minnesota and vowed to work across party lines to help heal any wounds remaining from this controversial election. (Insert name of loser) said he was disappointed that not all votes were properly counted, but vowed to continue to fight for the principles of the (Circle "Democratic" or "Republican") Party.

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