31 January 2009

Strib tackles Facebook, boobs, and babies

Here's the first line from the story in today's Strib:

A recent Facebook controversy, in which some photos of nursing mothers were yanked from the social-networking site because of their potentially "pornographic" nature, is the latest reminder that our country's sexualized notion of breasts remains, shall we say, front and center.
And yes, Star Tribune, we shall say boldly: front and center! Trust me, there are a number of lines in this article that are quite funny, particularly when taken out of context (which I will do in good time).

But the breast-feeding debate is interesting. Emily and I have had it a few times. Emily's family takes breast-feeding pictures. I have seen pictures of Emily's mom breast-feeding, and once, I saw Emily's aunt pull out the boob for a feeding. My family doesn't really partake in that. My sister breast-fed my nephew for awhile, but there was always a blanket.

I guess, for me, I'm not offended or disgusted. I'm just always surprised. We'll be looking at Emily's baby pictures, and I'll be going along, innocently: How cute! Baby Emily is being held by her grandparents! There's Baby Emily crying! Oh, Baby Emily is being held by her mom. How sweet! Wait. What's that? Oh, dear lord. Boob!!!

I understand the benefits of breast-feeding, and I support the act. And I guess I'm willing to get past my boob-shock if it's more comfortable for the mother and child to do it unencumbered by a blanket. I suppose it's just a matter of what you're used to, and maybe, some of these people need to just get over it.

And now, let's indulge my immaturity. The article's funny lines (which are mostly quotes from people):
  • "However ... why would I want to flop out a milk jug and show the world? 'Hey, look at me. I got a jug, and I'm feeding my kid. I dare ya to say something.'"
  • "None of us wants to show you our big swollen boob."
  • "You try having a small person sucking on you six times a day."
  • While a bit of unidentifiable flesh is fine, a nipple or areola (the darker circle surrounding the nipple) falls into their definition of "obscene, pornographic or sexually explicit." [I'm envisioning some Strib copy editors debating if people know what areolas are.]
  • "But it's not like it's a normal nipple. It's a big, swollen, wet nipple."
  • She didn't like seeing women "completely naked from the waist up," with babies nearby but not latched on.
  • "These women are not putting tassels on their boobs."
  • "I don't want to see your saggy, stretch-marked breasts."

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