06 January 2009


When you start a blog, it's pretty reasonable to assume that you're obsessed with yourself. And not only that, but you're really obsessed with what other people think of you. (I actually don't think this instinct is that perverse.)

Therefore, there are these little pieces of HTML that can be embedded into your blog. Then, you can go to a website, login, and see all this free, handy information about how many people have visited your blog, what they looked at, where they are from, how long they visited, and of course, this is all in the hopes of trying to decipher how much you are loved.

Anywho, as of this morning, this is the chart of visit length to this blog:
I'm really having trouble figuring out what is more heartbreaking:
1) The nearly 60% who spent less than 5 seconds here. An amount of time in which very few emotions can be felt, and the one jumping out at me is revulsion.
2) The nearly 9% who, supposedly, spent more than an hour looking at less than 500 words of writing. I assume (hope?) there is some glitch in this free little stat counter.


  1. I am leaving my browser window open for another 59 minutes and 55 seconds, just to mess with your stats :-)