12 January 2009

Minneapolis schools don't serve peanut butter, Universe falling apart

Bob Collins took the lead on bringing this tragedy to the light of day, but I simply can't stand by without adding my voice to this incredibly, incredibly grave situation.

This morning, Minneapolis Public Schools (my good friend and occasional employer) proudly announced that they aren't affected by this King Nut salmonella hoopla. Yay! Great! How are they sure they aren't affected by it?


Now, my thinking is that they want to avoid hurting the poor souls who are allergic to peanuts, but what sadness that there aren't any peanut butter sandwiches. What great, great sadness for the children of Minneapolis. This almost makes me want to support school vouchers, so these innocents might transfer to a school where the hearts of youngsters are full of the creamy (or crunchy) goodness of peanut butter.

I can say no more on this issue for right now. My heart is too heavy.

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