28 January 2009

CBO reports coming out of the wazoo

Think Progress recently reported on the fake Congressional Budget Office analysis that was floated around last week as a criticism to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The supposedly leaked analysis claimed that it will take two years for a bulk of the proposed infrastructure funds to be spent, negating their immediate help to the economy.

Of course, conservative partisans and otherwise decent members of the media jumped on the fake report, because in politics, things like facts and reality aren't particularly important. It's better to just be right, regardless of reality. Or at the very least, stir things up with a little controversy.

Nonetheless, our watchdog friends in the media managed to mention the fake report 81 times as though it were fact. Think Progress has documented each mention. My favorite comes from the always colorful Glenn Beck of Fox News:

81) GLENN BECK: We had the numbers from the non-partisan, radical hatemongers, what a bunch of racists over at the Congressional Budget Office. They say, according to the CBO, only $26 billion. Just over 3 percent, will be spent in this emergency, quick get the money to the people, stimulus package this year. Three percent. [Fox News, 1/26/09]
Oh, and the CBO has issued its actual report. It estimates about two-thirds of the proposed investment money will be spent in the first 18 months after the legislation is passed.

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